Reversing Diabesity is a Collective Effort

6 week plan to end your diabesity – Dr Mark Hyman on Dr Oz Today we have for you a video by functional medicine doctor, Mark Hyman MD. This is the first entry in a series on ‘diabesity’ and what to do about it. Hyman points out that Diabesity is the number one killer of the 21st century. Today one in 2 people in America have either Type II diabetes or pre-diabetes.. and almost one in 4 children have prediabetes or type II diabetes. What is needed is a revolution to take back not only our collective health but the health of future generations. The best thing about this revolution is that it is an ‘easy fix’ — you get to spend it in your kitchen creating and eating the most amazingly delicious, wholesome food. It is about sharing what works with others and taking back our health and power. Stay tuned – day by day we’ll be sharing recipes from the New Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook (out today!) • Dr. Hyman explains it as a social effort. Share the Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook with your community, and help spread the word of health and vitality. «»