When I first met Helen, I came to her in desperation. I had come to the end of hope for living without pain. I had suffered from severe migraines and excruciating stomach pains several times weekly for most of my life, and when I received a neck injury a few years ago, it all got unimaginably worse.  I have three beautiful children and it was difficult just to survive. My constant pain and inflammation caused problems with many different systems and functions of my body, just compounding my suffering. Helen really synchronized with me and after a thorough evaluation, she immediately took me under her wing, and got to the bottom of everything.  Her ability to connect the dots with my symptoms and put the nutritional puzzle pieces together is so amazing. Within days of following her recommended protocol, I was seeing enormous improvement.  After a few weeks I was having many less migraines, and enjoying my life with my family as I had always desired. I think her approach to healing is unique in that she actually strives to renew the body with the nutritional building blocks it needs to heal itself instead of medically covering up symptoms and causing side effects, which I have learned could possibly lead to bigger issues in the future. Her expertise is truly priceless. In my opinion, even those in good health should consider working with her in order to maintain it.  If I could encourage even one person who is considering consulting with her to do so, I would feel honoured.  She can change your life!