Myths about Cancer – Dr. Oz

We missed seeing this episode on Dr Oz but caught it on the video feeds. Some medical experts were addressing myths about cancer. Breast cancer was covered in Parts 2 and 3. Take it with a grain of salt… The advertisement for the program made it seem as though this episode was going to be about how fear feeds into causing cancer. It ended up being a segment about dispelling common myths around cancer.

Myth 1 – right now you do not have cancer.
A renowned medical expert on cancer, Dr Li, explains that we all have cancer cells He does not fear-monger but rather talks about how it is necessary to always eat properly and to undertake mild exercise without overdoing it.
Myth 2 – cancer is not contagious.
Dr Oz and his guests raised issue of H Pylori and how it can go to stomach cancer, throat cancers, hep B, etc) Unfortunately one of the Drs pushes vaccination for HPV for girls and boys – which we do not support (another blog focus I’m thinking!).
Myth 3 – the only place to check for breast cancer is in the breast tissue.
Of course, we know that it is also necessary to check under and around the arm pit.
Myth 4 – you need to find a lump to diagnose breast cancer
Part 3: This is untrue – a very aggressive form of breast cancer is Inflammatory breast cancer often looks like inflammation or a skin irritation, with dimpling. For years many doctors were misdiagnosing and treating these women for breast infection because they did not know what to look for.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-episode of “Myth Busters”! If anyone watches a good video, please let us know so that we can pass it along!